Smart Beta


Smart Beta strategies

Smart beta with fixed income

A fundamentally driven approach – building an index based on a borrower’s capacity to repay rather than ability to borrow.


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Smart beta with equities

A factor-based approach – a more diverse, less volatile portfolio based on a robust investment process.


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Smart beta with alternatives

Capturing alternative sources of return with low correlation to traditional asset classes.


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Smart Beta applied: euro bbb-bb

The BBB-BB Bond Fund seeks to provide a better risk-adjusted return for investors by focusing on the crossover between Investment Grade and High Yield universes.

It applies Lombard Odier IM's innovative fundamental weight-driven benchmark approach which determines each sector allocation based on its value added GDP contribution to European Economic Activity and determines each issuer weight based on several proprietary factors assessing its ability to repay debt, and therefore providing investors with a portfolio meeting their long term interests.

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