Watch Jan Straatman, Salman Ahmed and Samy Chaar explain why the need for investors to rethink their investment approach will be more important than ever in 2017.

  • Alternative Risk Premia are sources of return not stemming from traditional asset classes
  • These can be systematically captured and offer the potential to enhance returns.

We’ve grown stronger through 40 financial crises, not by standing still and waiting for them to pass, but by re-evaluating and rethinking the world around us. We’ve used imagination and innovation to create a different perspective on the world for our clients and ourselves. It’s this ability and desire to constantly rethink that brings stability. That is what makes us different.

We believe a fundamentally-driven approach brings three core benefits:

1. Greater diversification
2. Less concentrated risk
3. A more intuitive approach to lending.

The result is fixed income market exposure with added commonsense.

We believe embracing a new paradigm in fixed income markets involves adopting a strategy built around trading less and building safer portfolios focused on quality.

Here we explain why investors should consider fundamentally-driven portfolio construction in a low turnover framework.

One size doesn't fit all. Watch our short video for a look at fundamentals-driven EM fixed income.

Les investisseurs obligataires sont à la recherche de prudence et d’une exposition au marché qui minimise le risque de crédit. À cet égard, une approche obligataire basée sur les fondamentaux permet selon nous de construire des portefeuilles bien plus résistants aux chocs de liquidité. Si la course au rendement devient plus qu’évidente dans le contexte actuel, celle-ci ne doit pas se faire au détriment de la qualité de crédit des émetteurs détenus en portefeuille.

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