Watch Salman Ahmed, Chief Investment Strategist, on why we believe emerging market debt is attractive and why investors should rethink implementation when it comes to this asset class.

Watch Jan Straatman, Salman Ahmed and Samy Chaar explain why the need for investors to rethink their investment approach will be more important than ever in 2017.

Peter Dionisio, Co-Portfolio Manager of LO Funds–Europe High Conviction
Peter explains how adhering to a rigorous high conviction investment process is critical to delivering performance over the long-term.

Cyril Marquaire, Co-Portfolio Manager of LO Funds–Europe High Conviction
Cyril Marquaire explains how adhering to their rigorous investment process is critical to navigate in diverse market conditions (in French) 

We believe embracing a new paradigm in fixed income markets involves adopting a strategy built around trading less and building safer portfolios focused on quality.

Here we explain why investors should consider fundamentally-driven portfolio construction in a low turnover framework.

  • Alternative Risk Premia are sources of return not stemming from traditional asset classes
  • These can be systematically captured and offer the potential to enhance returns.

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