Insight & market news

Insight and market news

17 March 2017

Discover our five principles for the “new paradigm” fixed-income portfolio

10 January 2017

Salman Ahmed and Jan Straatman on the rise of populism in some of the world’s most important economies which has led to a lot of talk about a “return to the 1930s”.

We’ve grown stronger through 40 financial crises, not by standing still and waiting for them to pass, but by re-evaluating and rethinking the world around us.

In the new investment paradigm, the search for yield remains at the forefront of investors’ objectives, increasing the appeal of corporate credit. We believe that the crossover “BBB-BB” segment of corporate credit offers a compelling alternative to investment grade.

10 February 2017

Salman Ahmed offers a positive view on emerging market bonds, currencies and equities for the first time in more than five years, following a punishing bear market.

The common sense alternative we call fundamental fixed income.

We believe fundamentals and valuations make EM equities and bonds attractive.

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