Focus strategies

Focus strategies

Independent thinking and a specialist approach High Conviction

LO Funds - Europe High Conviction is one of the top-performing European Equity funds thanks to its research-driven and highly structured investment approach.

Strengthening fundamentals, improving economic growth and structural reforms are helping to establish emerging market equities as a mainstream asset class.

We believe that emerging markets are on solid footing and that current market valuations provide a substantial cushion against risks such as an unexpectedly abrupt tightening of monetary policy in the US.

For investors wishing to access the compelling benefits of convertible bonds, we are a natural choice. Lombard Odier Investment Managers is a market leader in convertible bonds with a strong track record and an experienced team.

We believe that companies who target the "silver generation" have an opportunity to grow faster than the market.LO Funds–Golden Age is a long-only global equity strategy that looks to benefit from one of the most important worldwide trends – an ageing demographic.

Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) are an attractive asset class for investors in today’s market environment. In a portfolio of traditional assets these securities are regarded as good diversifiers.

It’s hard to ignore the importance of the energy sector to global economies. Worldwide population growth and urbanisation are all driving demand for energy.