Focus strategies

Focus strategies

Independent thinking and a specialist approach

For investors wishing to access the compelling benefits of convertible bonds, we are a natural choice. Lombard Odier Investment Managers is a market leader in convertible bonds with a strong track record and an experienced team.

Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) are an attractive asset class for investors in today’s market environment. In a portfolio of traditional assets these securities are regarded as good diversifiers.

We believe that companies who target the "silver generation" have an opportunity to grow faster than the market.LO Funds–Golden Age is a long-only global equity strategy that looks to benefit from one of the most important worldwide trends – an ageing demographic.

The world has changed and investors are finding it increasingly challenging to find return from the traditional asset classes. With higher correlations between asset classes it has also become harder to find diversification.


Fixed Income 2.0: Central bank intervention has fundamentally altered fixed income markets. We think investors need to redesign their fixed income exposure to better capture yield and manage default risks.

The direct intervention of key central banks to fulfil economic objectives has structurally altered fixed income markets. The sustained use of quantitative easing followed by deeper negative interest rates has created an environment that arguably forces investors to look further afield for yield. Furthermore, investors are facing unrewarded risks arising from increased herding and tighter regulation, which is spelling the end of friction-less access to cash.

We do not believe that the US equity bull market is over yet but we expect lower returns with rising volatility, such as those experienced in 2015. In this environment, investors are naturally looking for equity Long/Short strategies focused on generating absolute returns and offering relative downside protection.

LO Funds - Absolute Return Bond aims to deliver positive returns in all market environments with a strong focus on liquidity and volatility levels

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