Investment Approach


Successfully exploiting the investment opportunities created by market dislocations requires skill and experience. We believe that to achieve this consistently over the long term also requires independent thinking and a specialist approach. For us, this specialist approach involves focusing on those investment strategies where we believe that we can add real value for our clients.

We strive to create greater transparency in the sources of return by separating alpha and beta. For us, beta exposure should be diversified, cost efficient and highly scalable while alpha should be unconstrained. Our investment solutions fall into four distinct investment pillars:

Smart Beta

Smart beta aims to deliver more efficient market exposure than traditional benchmarks.

  • Fundamental: our fixed income approach weighs issuers based on economic fundamentals rather than relying on debt levels.
  • Systematic: we apply a systematic approach to improve equity and alternatives strategies.
High Conviction

Our High Conviction teams aim to deliver alpha in benchmark-unconstrained, long-only portfolios while maximising risk-adjusted returns.

The teams have the freedom to focus on managing risk and generating returns.

Absolute return

Our Absolute Return investment teams target returns that are uncorrelated to market cycles and free from any systematic factors.

We also manage less liquid strategies which are designed to benefit from an illiquidity premium and aim to provide long-term protection from inflation.

Multi asset

We believe that risk-based asset allocation is key to achieving better diversification, capital protection and stable long-term performance.

In our view, clients’ objectives should be translated into a risk budget, rather than targeted returns.